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Leading by Example: Conscious Capitalism


Our commitment to using business as a force for good earned FMG a B Corporation certification in 2019, making FMG the first research company in the Washington, DC, metro area to reach this status. As a Certified B Corporation, we are committed to a higher standard of business practice that creates a positive impact on our community, employees, clients, and the environment.

Our certification is not just internal policy; it extends into every engagement with our clients. We strive to take a long-term perspective in each project, to never take a shortcut, to always put people first, and to remain passionate about finding meaningful solutions to every challenge.

This year, we helped grow the B Corp movement by compelling peer, partner, and supplier organizations to join the movement themselves by partnering with B Corps to conduct business, to build the B economy, and to amplify our impact in society.


We believe business should be a force for good—for all. This means actively finding ways to identify, nurture, and onboard talented individuals who may not have the access, resources, or network to work with established, recognized companies such as FMG. That’s why FMG partnered with Year Up, a nonprofit organization that trains and certifies high school graduates in different professional roles—from information technology to human resources. We recruit Year Up interns for a six-month tour in the hope that they will grow from proven performers to full-time employees at FMG.


National Opioid Action Coalition Logo
FMG has made a pledge to combat the opioid epidemic—one of the worst public health crises in our country’s history—by launching the National Opioid Action Coalition (NOAC) in partnership with other founding members (including WPP, iHeartMedia, Ogilvy, and VMLY&R). We have used our expertise in behavior change to create and implement powerful messaging and campaigns that aim to reduce opioid misuse.

Through NOAC, we are working to elevate the conversation around opioid abuse stigma. During National Recovery Month in September 2019, NOAC launched the #TalktoMe campaign to initiate conversations about opioid misuse. The goal of the campaign is to reduce the stigma around these types of conversations to make it easier for families, communities, and workplaces to have honest and compassionate dialogue that translates into effective treatment and lasting recovery from opioid abuse disorder.
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