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2021 Impact Report

A Path to Lasting Social Change

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Our thirst for improvement and continuous growth is what originally sparked our founding in 2002 and what ignites our drive today. FMG’s vision for the future is unwavering in its focus on tackling society’s greatest challenges—from inclusive workplaces and healthy communities to public service and the climate crisis. We view addressing these challenges as essential for the sustainability and prosperity of humanity and we believe governments, nonprofits, and businesses play a critical role in their achievement. We do our part by partnering with -focused organizations, aligning our service offerings and operations, setting bold goals, and measuring and transparently reporting progress against each. Embark on this journey with us and explore our collective 2021 impact using the carousel below or in the downloadable report here.


As a certified B Corporation, FMG's approach to operating both in today's environment and the future is one of compassion and understanding. We have collectively learned just how resilient we all are as we adapted to meet the challenges of 2020, creatively finding ways to deliver for our client, and be there for one another and our community in so many ways.
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The past year confronted all of us with many difficult health and social challenges. Over 700,000 Americans died from COVID-19, and millions of people worldwide and in the United States have been protesting deeply rooted, systemic racism. We are facing collective uncertainty and grief as our families’ health, safety, and daily lives have shifted to a previously unimagined “new normal.”  


FMG’s vision for the future reflects our view that success is only achieved with a balance of profit and purpose over the long-term. There is no blueprint for this, no formula or firm that came before. We are charting our own path to building the best company we can imagine.
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